School trip package from 1090 SEK/pers.

Camp package from 720 SEK/pers.

Ferry trip from 198 SEK/adult and 61 SEK/children.
The price varies according to the ferry for departure.

Extra night school trip package 470 SEK/pers.
(accommodation, breakfast, dinner and bicycle)

Extra night in cabin 210 SEK/pers. and night

Extra day bikerental 75 SEK/pers.

Extra breakfast 75 SEK/pers.

Lunch package/lunch on site 75 SEK/pers.

Extra dinner 110 SEK/pers.


Subject for price change.



For fewer participants than specified may be surcharges occur.

Guided tour in Visby from 85 SEK/pers.
(max. 40 pers.) Time: 2 hours.

Team buidling-track at Gustavsvik from 220 SEK/pers.
(min. 20 pers.) Time: 2,5 hours.

Guided tour in Lummelunda cave from 75 SEK/pers.
Time: 1 hour.

Visit the Island Stora Karlsö from 355 SEK/pers.
(min. 20 pers.) Time: Whole day. Bus transfer + roundtrip ferry + guided tour.

City comeptition with GPS from 220 SEK/pers.
(min. 15 pers.) Time: 2 hours.

Funpark Mix Ranch from 380 SEK/pers. incl. bus transfer (min. 20 pers.) Time: c:a 3 hours.

Gotland Gocart race from 255 SEK/pers. Time: (depents how many people). Add ons: susage with bread + soda 35 SEK/pers. Hamburger with bread + soda 105 SEK/pers.

Bowling & lasertag incl. pizza buffet from 225 SEK/pers. Bowling & lasertag incl. taco buffet from 250 SEK/pers. Time: c:a 2 hours.

Guided mini train tour in Visby from 50 SEK/pers.
Time: c:a 25 min. 50 seats.

Kneippbyn Summer & Waterland from 160 SEK/pers. Incl. lunch 240 SEK/pers. Time: Whole day (min 10 pers.). Add on for miniature golf 50 SEK/pers.

Gotland museum Fenomenalen from 60 SEK/pers. Time: c:a 2 hours.

Indoor climbing in Visby harbour 160 SEK/pers.

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